STUDIORAMA : A whole world of opportunities!

STUDIORAMA is a graphic design and communication agency based in Brussels and Barcelona. This presence in both the North and the South of Europe allows us to work with a vast network of designers of different perspectives. Depending on your needs STUDIORAMA will call on new young talents overflowing with creativity, established graphic designers or highly experienced specialists.

From websites to printed publications, through visual identity and advertising material, the experience and abilities’ diversity of our team allows us to offer a wide range of services. And thanks to this very diversity we have received excellent references in varied sectors.

STUDIORAMA : Pragmatic and efficient !

STUDIORAMA’s service oriented approach guarantees a greater flexibility and reactivity, particularly appreciated by our customers.

In contrast to traditional agencies which are made up mainly of creative staff, we come from the business world where we held marketing and management responsibilities before making our mark in the visual communication sector. It is for this reason that we are perfectly positioned to understand, and even anticipate our clients’ needs.

The widest range of graphic styles, services and flexibility with the least difficulty, STUDIORAMA will make you see things differently.